Excuse my bad spelling. I should have read the message again before
hitting send. :-)

2009/4/16 Jan G.B. <ro0ot.w...@googlemail.com>:
>> I think the problem was with the $title. As above, you defined the private
>> variable $rtitle but you were trying to call the variable later as $title.
> The problem was already solved. But I feel like mentioning, that the
> Exeption is just "naming" the variables with their content...
> the class reads the vars as $t, $p and $s and it dowsn't matter at all
> if you call ist with new foo($BAR, $whatever,
> $somethingveryverydifferent), as once in the class only the VALUES
> count. and yey're being assigned to the function vars $p, $t, $s,
> which are being set to PRIVATE vars $rtitle, $problem etc.
> Conclusion: The variable handling has no errors!
> byebye

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