Thanks. I will see. The script for my database was been generated so, I will
doublecheck this uppercase "issue"...

2009/4/15 Thodoris <>
Hi there,  I’ve made a fetch_obj and, as stated on some sites, it returns a
object where the properties will have the name of our columns database.
However, when I do this, I notice that instead of giving me the column names
as they are typed on the DB I get them uppercase. So, when my database field
is “id_dog” to retrieve the property properly I have to search for “ID_DOG”
 Why is this? Is this a normal behavior?
  Thanks a lot,

I have just dumped an object using var_dump retrieved with pdo fetch object

object(stdClass)#3 (4) {
 string(1) "1"
 string(1) "1"
 string(6) "120014"
 string(2) "26"

and it seems quite normal to me. Try to see your table info using:

describe `tablename`;

To see what are your table's fields .

Try to include more info about your system, php version etc in case you
reply. It will help us to help you.

Done. No problem at all. The scripts as generated the database columns with
Thanks for the info Thodoris.

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