Michael A. Peters wrote:
Nitsan Bin-Nun wrote:
Neh, we don't have plenty of these in Israel, don't count it in as an issue.

Serving the files won't be an overkill for my harddrive / cpu usage /
anything else?

There is a better way to serve the files with/without PHP and keeping them
outsite of the HTTP root?

If you want to use http the code I provided in my first response works very well for files I serve outside the web root.

make a dummy directory in the web root.
In that dummy directory put a single php file - called "dummy.php" or whatever.

Have that file check the users credentials etc. (IE via session id) - and have


put a .htaccess file in the dummy directory containing:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^*\.iso$ dummy.php

That assumes apache is your server, you have the mod_rewrite module, and allow .htaccess override (if you don't want to allow .htaccess overide you can put the rewrite directive right in the http.conf for the dummy directory)

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