From: Marc Christopher Hall
> From: Bob McConnell
>> From: Marc Christopher Hall
>>> Sun buys MySQL and now Oracle buys Sun (not final, yet). What will
>> happen
>>> with the main db we PHP'ers have come to know and love especially
>> since v 5
>> But there are already two
>> announced forks of MySQL, created by developers that left after Sun
>> bought the company. So I don't think you'll be in any trouble. I did
>> Google search last week on "executives departing MySQL" and found
> These responses are what I was fishing for. My
> gut reaction was "Not again!" and this time I initially feared a
future axe
> to MySQL. Upon further thought (and a few deep breaths) I agree that
for the
> near future, an immediate canning of MySQL would not be in Oracle's
> interest. However, since Oracle has been the competition and (I had no
> other developers had already begun a fork of MySQL) I believe that
> will close the door on MySQL eventually.

I don't think it makes any difference what Oracle does with it. I
believe most or all of the core source is available under the GPL. So it
will always be available. There is certainly enough interest in the
application that it will attract a number of talented developers no
matter who manages the process. So even if Oracle dumps it, it will
continue to exist in one or more forks. The only business issue will be
who can use the trademark.

On the other hand, there are some closed source utilities and components
that may have to be recreated for any forked version. After all, it was
the "Enterprise" package that was generating the revenue. That is the
only part of the product that Sun or Oracle could really control.

Bob McConnell

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