Ok, Sun buys MySQL and now Oracle is planning on buying Sun. Who's going to buy 
Oracle in a few years from now?

Maybe it's time the PHP dev team start thinking about supporting a database 
side project of their own. I would do well to have an open source database 
engine that integrates well with the system under contact development.

So what about the other technologies? What about NetBeans, VirtualBox and Java? 
Will Oracle destroy a good thing? Or will they continue to support Open Source.

I'm not too sure what they will do but I somehow have this feeling that a lot 
will change. It might not be business as usual.

Raymond Irving

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On Monday 20 April 2009 16:48:42 Marc Christopher Hall wrote:
> Sun buys MySQL and now Oracle buys Sun (not final, yet). What will happen
> with the main db we PHP'ers have come to know and love especially since v 5

sudo apt-get install postgresql

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