Some months ago I downloaded and installed Apache, PHP and MySql. With only light use they seem to be working. I have downloaded a Test Script from the VBulletin vendor that is supposed to determine if your setup could run their product. The Test Script is php and appears as a form that allows you to enter a Mysql database name, user and password. I fill it in and select the button. The large blue window remains but the entry boxes and a border disappear. It hasn't totally crashed and can be closed - but it has stopped.

I've tried their help forum, but they keep telling me to create an empty database. Maybe the problem has something to do with Mysql, but for a test script, I'm getting zero feedback. I have an empty database and one with a couple of tables. I don't see a problem with Mysql. So, how does one begin to debug this php test script to see what's failing? I'm kind of new to php.

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