Patrick Moloney wrote:
Some months ago I downloaded and installed Apache, PHP and MySql. With only light use they seem to be working. I have downloaded a Test Script from the VBulletin vendor that is supposed to determine if your setup could run their product. The Test Script is php and appears as a form that allows you to enter a Mysql database name, user and password. I fill it in and select the button. The large blue window remains but the entry boxes and a border disappear. It hasn't totally crashed and can be closed - but it has stopped.

I've tried their help forum, but they keep telling me to create an empty database. Maybe the problem has something to do with Mysql, but for a test script, I'm getting zero feedback. I have an empty database and one with a couple of tables. I don't see a problem with Mysql. So, how does one begin to debug this php test script to see what's failing? I'm kind of new to php.

Thanks all for the help. I fixed my problem. I thought I would save some time running the vendor's test script, but wound up spending most of the day on this. Not very proficient in PHP, but I learned an odd variety of things.

Problem was I had PHP and Mysql installed and working, but not together. The PHP for Windows 5.2 no longer automatically installs Mysql. Actually have to go back to Windows Control Panel where it will let you change the install. It then installs the dlls and modifies php.ini -- which I had already done.

Difficulty was because the vendor test script has errors disabled - maybe ok in a test script -- unless you don't handle the errors!

This took longer than installing Apache, PHP and MySql in the first place.

Thanks, the assistance helped.

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