> Does ini_set actually change the php.ini file in any way ? The reason I ask
> is that after putting in:

Yes it does. :)    you should have refered to the manual before using the line.

Did you write your  own myem...@myserver.com? or you kept that exactly
like in code?

> ini_set('sendmail_from', 'myem...@myserver.com');
> into a new script which I tested out against, the 'mail' function now
> continues to work but no e-mail is received no matter what the recipient
> e-mail is. Even is I go back to using my old script which does not have the
> 'ini_set' in it, no e-mail actually gets receoved even though 'mail'
> succeeds when called. So I have gone from bad to worse and the ini_set seems
> to have affected all calls to 'mail' in this way for PHP scripts on the
> server.
> Can I correct but somehow stopping PHP ( or may Apache ) and restarting it
> again to bring back the original php.ini setting ?

For now you can go back to set the php.ini to default with the
ini_set function.

You can use ini_get to retrieve data from the php.ini configs

a phpinfo() will show you all the current settings.




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