From: Chris
>>>> Any light anyone can throw on the '' address
would be
>>>> most welcome.
>>> It is using the apache user @ your host name as the default.  Try
>>> ini_set('sendmail_from', '');
>> I will try this but I do not understand why it should work. I have a 
>> 'From:...' entry in my headers. Why is this not being used as the 
>> primary from address and why is '' being added 
>> instead as the first from address ? In other words, I can understand
>> I supply no 'From:...' header entry that a default
>> would be used but I do not understand why it is used even when I
>> a 'From:...' header entry.
> "From: " is used by your mail client to show who it's from.
> the ini_set (or you can set the 5th param to the mail() function) is a

> return-path. If the message bounces (recipient's mailbox full, server 
> down, whatever the reason) it gets delivered to that address. They
> different purposes.

The dirty little secret that nobody seems to know is that the RFCs
reserve Return-path for use by the MTA servers. It can be replaced by
any of them in the routing chain and is used when mail crosses into or
out of SMTP networks. If you want a return address other than From to
stick all the way through, you have to use the Reply-to and/or Sender

Bob McConnell

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