Luke wrote:
2009/4/22 PJ <>

Could somebody explain to me the meaning of @ in $var = @$_POST['title'] ;
where could I find a cheat sheet for those kinds of symbols or what are
they called?
Sorry for my ignorance, but maybe this will take the fog filter our of
my neurons. :-\
I believe placing an @ in front of a statement suppresses any error messages
it generates.

It does - in this case if 'title' is not posted as part of the form, it would have generated a warning or notice (can't remember which).

A longer path is:

$var = '';
if (isset($_POST['title'])) {
  $var = $_POST['title'];

The shortcut works but it makes it extremely difficult to find problems with your scripts (think of 50 @'s being used in one script.. eek).

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