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> At 8:12 AM -0400 4/23/09, Peter van der Does wrote:
>>I tend to put my return value in a variable and at the end of the
>>function I have 1 return statement.
>>I have seen others doing returns in the middle of the function.
>>What is your take? And is there any benefit to either method?
>>Peter van der Does
> Peter:
> It's called "Structured programming" -- one way in and one way out of a 
> function.
> There are, of course, exceptions where it might help others reviewing your 
> code to see what's going on, such as returning a null value if the 
> argument(s) provided are not suitable. But normally the rule is, do not 
> provide an exit from a function in more than one place.

There is no such "rule", it is a matter of personal preference. As a 
previous poster has already said, if you want to leave a function early and 
ignore all subsequent processing it is easier to understand if you return 
immediately rather than have a mechanism to jump over the remaining code to 
a single return point. In the good old days we used to use the GOTO in COBOL 
to jump to the exit point, but then people found a way to abuse GOTO in very 
imaginatve ways.

> The "benefit" is easier to read code.

I think that an immediate return is easier to read, but what do I know - 
I've only been programming for 30 years.

Tony Marston

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> tedd
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