Well, the latter method is generally easier to understand later. Most
programming style books preach this method, and it's the one that most of my
previous employers use.


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Subject: Multiple return statements in a function.

I tend to put my return value in a variable and at the end of the
function I have 1 return statement.
I have seen others doing returns in the middle of the function.

Example how I do it:
function check($a) {
  if ( is_array( $a ) ) {
  } else {
    $return='Not Array';
  return $return;

Example of the other method:
function check($a) {

  if ( is_array( $a ) ) {
    return ('Array');
  } else {
    return ('Not Array');

What is your take? And is there any benefit to either method?

Peter van der Does

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