Having a script that is self executing - when it posts back to itself 
instead of a separate script - has absolutely nothing to do with the 
separation of business and presentation. It is possible for a single script 
to use separate components for the presentation, business and data access 

Tony Marston

""MEM"" <tal...@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> So, on your opinion, we can call that method, on some circumstances, a 
> good
> practice?
> What about the moto: "let's separate business from presentation?"
> Thanks once again,
> Márcio

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> I think the main advantage is that if something goes wrong processing
> the
> datas, you can show the form again without redirecting again.
> And if you have to change the behavior of the page, you have to change
> only
> one file instead of two.
> SanTa

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