What you are describing is known as a "self executing" script where the script posts back to itself. In other words it has two passes - the first uses the GET method to build the screen for the user, which may or may not be empty, while the second uses the POST method to send the user's changes back to the server for validation and updating. By dealing with both the GET and POST in a single script it means that you don't have to redirect to a different script if you have to redisplay the data because of invalid use input.

Tony Marston

""MEM"" <tal...@gmail.com> wrote in message news:002301c9c4d9$03515920$09f40b...@com...
I'm trying to understand the advantages behind opting by using a
Self-Process PHP Form, instead of having a form and then point the action of
the form to another .php page.

Can anyone point me some resources about this. Why using one instead of
another. What are the main advantages?


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