Govinda wrote:
I'd love a good time log/billing app.

I currently use

but it is too expensive for such a small operation as me. But I LOVE the features.

BTW, what are you all (especially you who are one-man contractors like me) using to keep track of your time.. billing clients, etc.? Doesn't have to be free, but maybe there already is some great stuff out there that is?


Govinda!, what are you doing on a PHP forum! ;-)

I wrote my billing app about 4 years ago in WebDNA. It contains:

1.) Customer db
2.) quoting
     The quoting system replaces emails that are sent back and
     forth between you and your client, as managing emails really,
     really is not fun. (Client visits the website to interact with
     the quoting system)
3.) invoicing
4.) a full proposal system that links to the quoting features
    (it's like a glorified quoting system that looks pretty to the
     client.. so instead of seeing numbers, they see numbers and
5.) Job clock that links to the invoicing system. (invoices know
    if a job has 'job clock' records.
6.) Budgeting system.
7.) Reports (for dreaded tax days)
8.) Client Payment system
9.) hmmm what else, emailing, searching all db's, etc.

My sanity is already a sensitive issue when it comes to client billing
etc.. and I'm pretty sure I'd be living in a padded room by now if I didn't have this app. ;-)

hmmm... since this is the PHP forum, I have to say something that will
steer this back to politically correctness... I'm sure you could build these features in PHP... just allow yourself a bit more time. ;-)

To the O.P., I agree with someone who said; much of the time, client work will drive creativity and new projects (and keep you eating). However, I guess if you are starting out, it wouldn't hurt to zap something out that will show people what you can do. I would suggest
that, whatever you do, maybe integrate some client-side stuff as well..
like Flash,CSS,or JS. 'Pretty' brings them in, then function makes the

my ยข.02


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