Gary wrote:
Thanks again, dont see any DOM....

As I mentioned I am no longer getting error message, but not sure it is working.

I have this at the begining of the first file.

setcookie('sale_cookie','$sale_value', time()-3600);
setcookie('assess_cookie','$assess_value', time()-3600);

if (isset($_COOKIE['sale_cookie']) && isset($_COOKIE['assess_cookie'])) {
      $_SESSION['sale_value'] = $_COOKIE['sale_cookie'];
      $_SESSION['assess_value'] = $_COOKIE['assess_cookie'];


I have tried this

echo $sale_value;
echo $_SESSION['assess_value'];
echo $_COOKIE['sale_cookie'];

I have also removed all of the if() and still not had success

None of which are producing results...

Anyone see where I am going wrong... I have spent all day online, in the books, in the manual...

Thanks again


Looks to me like you are trying to set and retrieve a cookie on the same
page. It doesn't work that way. Set it, access it on the next page... or, set it, and then redirect to the same page.. being sure to send a flag to hide the setcookie function to avoid the dreaded infinite loop.

Also, Setting a cookie's expire param to history will delete it... so
I don't think that is what you want to do.


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