Andrew Hucks wrote:
$sale_value would have worked if it hadn't been in single quotes, I
believe. (Assuming it was populated.).

Which it wasn't.. ;-) according to Gary's last post. He assigned it now
with 'sale'.. however, I think it should rather be in double quotes ("sale") if he wants to get the posted value.

echo $sale_value;

now works because sale_value has been assigned a value.

echo $_COOKIE['sale_cookie'];

I would guess will still not work.. until landing on the
next page, or reloading the first page.

 When you put it in quotes, you
were making the cookie's value a string instead of a variable. So, the
value would actually have literally been $sale_value, rather than the
value for that variable. It is working with $_POST['sale'] because
there are no single quotes. :-p.

Gary, if you want to post your "working" code, we could probably
tell you the "why's"... and it would also cater to my curiosity. ;-)


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