Lenin wrote:
Yeah gmail is a nice thing :)

The best ever mailing system world has ever seen until now.

Because now you can get new LeninMail from phpXperts - it works offline, it works in your fridge, you car, your bath, everywhere conventional mail doesn't work.

LeninMail combines all the power of E with all the functionality of G to give you a new experience unparalleled by any other technology.

Sheena from Cambridge:
"LeninMail is sooooooo good, all I need is one spoonful in my bath and I'm ready to communicate, stubborn limescale used to be a real headache, but now I just LeninMail it away."

James Smith JNR from Ghana
"LeninMail is amazing - its handy SendAnythingAnywhere feature has allowed me to be lmailing my grade A spam from everywhere I go - and with LeninMails ForceItThrough technology I know my spam will be penetrating millions of peoples brains in seconds. LMail has made me rich and now I have 60 million that I need to transfer to you, all you need to do is send me a 1% security fee to.."

L is over FIVE letters after G and even more than E - so much power - such bigger numbers.

BANG and the mail is gone.

Get LeninMail from all good phpXperts stockists NOW!

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