That's how you help information-monster-privacy-killing-companies to gain
more control...

You use GMail? ever visited blogspot? search on Google? Visit half of the
leading sites of the world (since they have Google Analytics) or visit the
other half that have Google Adsense or both of them?
Maybe you use Google Chrome? Google Earth? Google Desktop? Android? Google

You think that it? now it aims for you, the programmers. Use the "nice"
Google AJAX API? so comfortable, lightweight....
Yes, now Google can collect MORE information.

Yes? thank you by helping Google. if you use Google softwares, please click
CTRL+ALT+DELETE, go to proccess, look for GoogleUpdate.exe and wonder why is
it there? oh, now you remember? use Google Earth/Desktop/.... ?

Thank you for helping Google in another step for becoming an

If anyone wants - I made a presentation about Privacy and how Google
infiltrates your privacy.

(I know someone will smile and say "but hey - you use Gmail". I'll just
smile back and say that using gmail isn't "bad" - but using Google all the
time IS bad).

Watch how many large organizations have protested about Google "way" (of
tracking you, as individiual, for over 18 months).

Now someone again will "point" that "What do I mind if they are following
me? I am not doing anything illegal".
No, I am not saying the government will "use this information" - The FBI
have asked all search engines to give him data about searches that might
relate to criminal activities. they all gave. Except Google.

What do they do with this information? Google Adsense, Analytics, News,
Search, Images, API, Code.....
Blogspot, Adwords, should I continue this list of Google products that I am
sure that each one of you was exposed to?

On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 12:27 AM, Lenin <> wrote:

> Yeah gmail is a nice thing :)
> The best ever mailing system world has ever seen until now.

Use ROT26 for best security

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