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> Hello out there!
> We are experiencing a problem with one of our PHP products (a community
> builder solution) on Windows Servers running PHP 5.
> We use the classname "com" in our application, COM/.NET extension uses
> the same classname. This is the conflict. Rewriting our application to
> not use the "com" classname is not a very attractive solution for us.
> Is there any chance to disable a compiled-in extension like COM/.NET? Or
> do we have to compile PHP on ourselves without COM/.NET extension?
> I'm asking myself why an extension like COM/.NET is built-in? How much
> people need this extension, I can't understand that ...
> Thanks in advance!
> Kind regards,
> Matthias
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Depending on the windows server version, you may be able to disallow .NET by
going in to the IIS Manager, clicking on the Web Service Extension link to
bring up the extensions in the right handle panel. Choose the .NET option
and click the 'PROHIBIT' button.

Another option may be to use GREP and search/replace to change all the
instances of the word COM



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