on 05/11/2009 12:25 PM Thodoris said the following:
This script seems to work ok in a freebsd development server I have but
a linux production machine breaks the subject's encoding for some
unexpected reason. The subject has a mix of English and Greek characters
that FreeBSD seems to handle like a charm.

Both machines have the same php version (5.2.9) and the scripts encoding
is UTF-8. Iconv and mbstring are configured the same way in php.ini
(although I am not aware whether phpmailer uses iconv or mbstring).

Has anyone had a similar experience? Is it possible that sendmail (which
is the underlying tool) breaks the mail encoding?

I am not sure what you mean by breaking the mail encoding. I use the
MIME message class and it works perfectly with any encoding, even
multibyte character sets. Take a look at the examples test_email_message
and test_multibyte_message.php .


I am not sure what is happening exactly but I think that for some reason the subject of the e-mail includes more than one encoding while using linux. The English part is encoded in ISO-8859-1 and the Greek part into something that I can't detect (probably because thunderbird doesn't support all encodings). The body of the message is UTF-8 as expected.

I didn't try the suggested solution since I have solved this, but the original question was about phpmailer. I will give it a try however because it seems like a better solution and more robust than mail_utf8.


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