I was trying to read a file from Desktop (Centos),

Simply saying (php code file is in /var/www/html/ )

if (file_exists("/root/Desktop/conf_files_linux"))
echo "yes file is there";
echo "no none";

It gives me none.
If i place conf_files_linux file in /var/www/html. i get yes...

After checking log file i got

[notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)

What  i need to do, so tht i can access files from outside?
help pls


I assume that this running by the web server (/var/www/html) so a wild guess is that the user that your web server uses to run (usually apache or www) cannot access the Desktop directory. In order to use the suexec feature you need to configure it or else the web server user needs to have read/write rights to the directory you need to access like the Desktop.

Though this not recommended. You could always run this script from command line being root or whatever user is the owner of the Desktop directory. Read this if you are not aware of how this can be done:



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