Thodoris wrote:
>> hi
>> I was trying to read a file from Desktop (Centos),
>> Simply saying (php code file is in /var/www/html/ )
>> if (file_exists("/root/Desktop/conf_files_linux"))
>> echo "yes file is there";
>> else
>> echo "no none";
>> It gives me none.
>> If i place conf_files_linux file in /var/www/html. i get yes...
>> After checking log file i got
>> [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)
>> What  i need to do, so tht i can access files from outside?
>> help pls
>> thanx
> I assume that this running by the web server (/var/www/html) so a wild
> guess is that the user that your web server uses to run (usually apache
> or www) cannot access the Desktop directory. In order to use the suexec
> feature you need to configure it or else the web server user needs to
> have read/write rights to the directory you need to access like the
> Desktop.
> Though this not recommended. You could always run this script from
> command line being root or whatever user is the owner of the Desktop
> directory.  Read this if you are not aware of how this can be done:

If the OP's system is set up properly, then nobody but root should be able to
read ANY of root's home directory, so the files will not be found.
For a start, one doesn't want config files in anyone's home directory if they
are for a system-wide server.
And one doesn't EVER want to have anything in /root that anyone but root needs
to access.
And one shouldn't be logged in as root unless one is doing a short-lived system
maintenance task: certainly one should not doing development work there...

I know it sounds dictatorial, but it's (part-way to) best practice...

Those config files should be in something like /etc/apache/extra, perhaps, if
they are not safe in the web root (which they probably are not, unless the web
server is configured to keep them safe)

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