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please, I need to connect to IP via a specific port en validate my user name
and password to get data.

Port :   XXX7X

Internet ip          195.19.XX.1XX
please can some help with the idea of achieving it in php. please see the
format below:

[*Session Initialization*
A session begins with the client establishing a TCP session and sending a
login packet. If a login
packet is not received within 30 seconds the server will terminate the
session. Once a login
packet is received, the server will respond with a login accepted packet and
begin sending
sequenced data, or reject the login and terminate the connection.
The session does not actually send explicit sequence numbers with each
message, but instead
relies upon the concept of implied sequence numbers. The first sequenced
message of the day
should be considered ‘1’, and each subsequent sequenced message increments
this. When
recovering a session, you simply count the number of sequenced messages you
have received
to determine what sequence number you want to recover from. For example, if
you login and
receive 50 sequenced messages and then are disconnected, when you reconnect
you would
login and provide your next expected sequence, in this case 51, and the
session will continue
from that point.]

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