Andrew Williams wrote:
Hi, does not have the option to supply
authentication details and how do you supply that.

is it chi-xmd your doing and do you have the API docs? as that'll tell you - if you don't let me know I have them here.

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 12:22 PM, Nathan Rixham <> wrote:

Andrew Williams wrote:

Hi All,

please, I need to connect to IP via a specific port en validate my user
and password to get data.

Port :   XXX7X


You're going to have some real fun with this one making the tcp connection
is the least of your worries, sounds very much like a raw market datafeed to
me, and not a nice xml based one, a lovely raw ascii one with all the string
padded unsequenced ascii joys they hold.

pointed you in the right direction yesterday with the stream functions..
open client connection
fwrite messages in correct format
fread responses and parse them then take required actions / save.
close client connection

that really is everything there is to it.

Good luck

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