At 4:39 PM -0400 5/12/09, Robert Cummings wrote:
On Tue, 2009-05-12 at 16:31 -0400, tedd wrote:

 > While your post dealt with [2] mine was addressing [1]. Understand?

Except he already had that part working. He wanted to get the outline.
You would know that if you read the full post since he gave a link to
what he already had using PHP. When he says:

     "That site is also coded in php so I'm guessing that the
      watermark is added using a php technology."

It means that he can presumably also generate a watermark with an
outline using PHP and GD.

Yeah, but that's only true if you read the post in detail. Look, I always skim what the poster said and then answer as I think he may want. Don't brother me with the details.

That practice has worked for me for years without any problems whatsoever and now you come along and want me to read and understand everything in detail -- that ain't fair. Next thing you'll want is for me to be right all the time like you are. :-)

Comprendez vous?

Didn't they go out of business?




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