Where and what do I look for to resolve this?
My script is working fine on an active ISP web server.
This morning, I crank up the local XP and the local FreeBSD 7.1 server.
I start my editor, bring up Firefox, go to local server and everything
works fine.
I start to code and make a couple of minor changes, check the output on
the local server - whooosh. Something isn't right. Only the logo shows
from the included header script. I revert the files worked on to the
original and nothing changes - output is not changed.
I check the web server & all is correct. I download the files from the
web and check against the local files. Everything is identical (except
for minor location changes) but the local setup just doesn't output
There are no error messages, either in the browser or the var/log files?
What puzzles me is the use of the include files and just how are they
used/implemented? Perhaps there is something there that isn't right?
This is rather weird?
Anyone have any ideas? I'm lost.

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