PJ wrote:
> Where and what do I look for to resolve this?
> My script is working fine on an active ISP web server.
> This morning, I crank up the local XP and the local FreeBSD 7.1 server.
> I start my editor, bring up Firefox, go to local server and everything
> works fine.
> I start to code and make a couple of minor changes, check the output on
> the local server - whooosh. Something isn't right. Only the logo shows
> from the included header script. I revert the files worked on to the
> original and nothing changes - output is not changed.
> I check the web server & all is correct. I download the files from the
> web and check against the local files. Everything is identical (except
> for minor location changes) but the local setup just doesn't output
> correctly.
> There are no error messages, either in the browser or the var/log files?
> What puzzles me is the use of the include files and just how are they
> used/implemented? Perhaps there is something there that isn't right?
> This is rather weird?
> Anyone have any ideas? I'm lost.
I have no idea where it came from but there was an entry in the db.php
file that was preventing access to the db. Sorry - false alarm.  :-[

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