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semantics already are the next big thing and have been for a year or three. google aquired the leading semantic analysis software many years ago and have been using it ever since, likewise with yahoo and all the majors. further we've all had open access to basic scripts like the yahoo term extraction service for years, and more recently (well maybe 2+ years) we've had access to open calais from reuters which will extract some great semantics from any content.

if you've never seen then the best starting point is probably


You are always doing this to me -- you're as bad a Rob (but I can usually understand Rob). You guys make my head hurt. It would be nice if I could learn something and that was the end of it. But noooo -- very time I think I've learned something, you people point out my ignorance and keep dragging me back in to learn more -- when will it end? (rhetorical) </rant>.

From what I see, the link you provided will create tool-tips for terms and phrases found in text you provide. For example, if you have "web-standards" in your text, then it will show a tool-tip of "Industry Term: web standards", which is kind of redundant and obvious, don't you think?

Your text can also contain the terms "accessibility", "compliance", and even "W3C" but none of those will be identified. So, what's the big deal?

Has this three year old "state-of-the-art" technology advanced so far that it can identify "web standards" but fails on "accessibility", "compliance", and "W3C"?

I don't see the point -- please enlighten me.

pretty sure yahoo (and maybe google) have been parsing rdf semantic data embedded inside comments in xhtml documents for a couple of years now, even the adding of "tags" generated by semantic extraction are common place now and make a big difference to seo.

I can understand XML and maybe everyone will agree on a common namespace for these "Industry Terms" someday, but I do not see the connection between this and SEO. Do you think that because Google *may* be doing this in some fashion that you can duplicate their efforts and gain PR for your site? If so, I think the effort you expend may exceed just attending to content and letting Google do it's thing. But, I'm simple that way -- I would rather walk around the mountain than move it.

If however you mean document structure semantics such as using h* tags throughout the document in the correct places, then this is even older and everybody should be doing it - hell that's what an html document is!

That's not what I was talking about. I'm not talking about html tags but rather simple semantic divs for things like header, footer, content and such. It would be nice if everyone *was* doing it, but that's not the case.

In any event, your semantic thing appears more interesting and I suspect there's more to follow. Jut wait a moment, while I empty my head of useless childhood memories and await the onslaught of new things to consider. :-)




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