PJ wrote:
I know of no better place to ask. This may not be strictly a PHP issue,
I am busting my hump trying to format rather large input pages with CSS
and trying to avoid tables; but it looks to me like I am wasting my time
as positioning with CSS seems an impossibly tortuous exercise. I've
managed to do some pages with CSS, but I feel like I am shooting myself
in the foot or somewhere...
Perhaps I am too demanding. I know that with tables, the formatting is
ridiculously fast.
Any thoughts, observations or recommendations?

If it is tabular data use tables.
Otherwise use css.

I have some rather complex forms done in CSS - for the most part, I use fieldset for for the different types of fields - and within a fieldset, just use a div with float: left; for individual stuff in the fieldset - with an occasional dummy div that is just clear: both; to force the next div down to the left.

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