Paul M Foster wrote:

When you say "it sends its id", what do you mean? You're not talking
about the ID attribute of the checkbox tag, are you?

The way I handle something like this is to give the checkbox tag a
"value" attribute. Like:

<input type="checkbox" name="mixer" value="ordered_mixer"

Each page has to be a form if you do this. When you check the form, look
for $_POST['mixer'] == 'ordered_mixer'. If that relation is true, the
user left the box checked. If it's not true, the user unchecked the box.

Don't hold me to this. Do an experiment and see if that doesn't work.
I'm operating from memory, and I could be wrong.


That's basically what I do except I don't care what value is sent so I set the value to 1, a value won't be set if isn't checked, so I just check to see if the _POST['whatever'] is set or not.

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