PJ wrote:
I am about to bust my donkey again trying to set up a dynamic product
listing for a web page using mysql, php & CSS (the donkey ride).
What better place to ask than here in guru heaven:
1. What's a good list/forum to ask for help on CSS - it just is too
I suggest you take a look at sitepoint.com, for all aspects of web building and design.
2. With mysql, is the best way to populate list columns with ul and li
or would just a simple column work fine? I have done this with a left
navigation column and could repeat such columns next to each other with
the final column with input fields for quantities ordered. Background
could just be an image to fill the container div.
Does that sound about right?
Thanks for any suggestions.
It seems to me that you are actually building a table and should use html tables. With css for the
layout and formatting, of course. :)


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