Michael A. Peters wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> I am about to bust my donkey again trying to set up a dynamic product
>> listing for a web page using mysql, php & CSS (the donkey ride).
>> What better place to ask than here in guru heaven:
>> 1. What's a good list/forum to ask for help on CSS - it just is too
>> illogical.
> I don't think I've ever asked anything here, but I've found answers
> via google at http://forums.devshed.com/css-help-116/ quite often.
> I don't do a lot with CSS though.
>> 2. With mysql, is the best way to populate list columns with ul and li
>> or would just a simple column work fine? I have done this with a left
>> navigation column and could repeat such columns next to each other with
>> the final column with input fields for quantities ordered. Background
>> could just be an image to fill the container div.
>> Does that sound about right?
>> Thanks for any suggestions.
> For navigation columns I always use a list.
> You can do some need stuff with list via CSS to make either a top -
> down navigation bar or a horizontal navigation bar - and they still
> work well in non-graphical browsers, where they simply display as a list.
Hmmm.... I first thought of using the ul & li stuff... but I'm not sure
it will populate from a query too easily... ?? especially as I am rather
determined to try for a css approach.

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