Michelle Konzack wrote:

I like to install a forum for my customers and additional a  PHP5  based
Web-Chat system with publich and private chatrooms.

What can you recommend?

Nothing :D - anything php based would involve polling which will kill any server when trying to create a realtime chat environment (1 request per second per chatter + 1 for each message send + normal hits) - so say 30 chatters and you have at a minimum 30 requests per second with all the weight and db hits they involve.

in all honesty I'd recommend using openfire together with sparkweb or a custom client - that combo is premade, feature packed, opensource and can easily handle circa 50k users in realtime per server (connections and things aside). Additionally its a proper jabber server so you can have desktop clients, mods and of course full featured IM with custom addresses, openid and integrated in with yahoo, gtalk, msn, aol, *whatever* accounts as well.

going down the php route is a complete waste of time imho (unless you are creating a custom php socket server which bypasses apache, implementing XMPP and connecting in the users client via flash, flex or a java client)

yours, not of a very strong opinion, nathan

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