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Hello Nathan,

Am 2009-05-21 13:44:38, schrieb Nathan Rixham:
Nothing :D


- anything php based would involve polling which will kill any server when trying to create a realtime chat environment (1 request per second per chatter + 1 for each message send + normal hits) - so say 30 chatters and you have at a minimum 30 requests per second with all the weight and db hits they involve.

if you check <http://chat.tchatche.com/> then you will see, they  refesh
only all 5-8 seconds.  Currently I have encountered a maximum  of  ~4800
users connected at once. I am already trying a small thing with 5 frames
imitating the above website and already used it with 10 clients at  once
which work on a Quad-Xeon (P3/550MHz/768MByte) on  a  2.5 MBit  Internet

in all honesty I'd recommend using openfire together with sparkweb or a custom client - that combo is premade, feature packed, opensource and can easily handle circa 50k users in realtime per server (connections and things aside). Additionally its a proper jabber server so you can have desktop clients, mods and of course full featured IM with custom addresses, openid and integrated in with yahoo, gtalk, msn, aol, *whatever* accounts as well.

I have a Jabber Server (Package "jabber"; Debian Distribution) installed
but no one want to use it...  Pidgin is working perfectly with it and is
available on ALL Operating Systems.

However, I need a Webinterface where People can connect to others een if
they have NO Laptop/Smartphone  with them.

Is there a USER Web-Interface to Jabber?

going down the php route is a complete waste of time imho (unless you are creating a custom php socket server which bypasses apache, implementing XMPP and connecting in the users client via flash, flex or a java client)

I was thinking on a Flash/Java solution too, but I do  not  know  HOW TO
create this Flash-Stuff and do not even code Java.

yours, not of a very strong opinion, nathan

hi - there is a load of really high quality open source flash (well as3) stuff, really you want to be using the ignite realtime / jive stuff


its all java and flash and open source.

openfire is a 2 minute install and all web based interfaces for admin - v good java server

sparkweb is a flex based web interface thats v good, has chat and im in it, again you just upload it and your done

xiff api is the as3 framework for flex and it's v good - it use it on a few sites and its so light its unreal + instant / realtime.

it's not worth bastardizing these old techs when you can have the cutting edge stuff set up in minutes (hours the first time). Even if you customise the ass off it and use a "bespoke" front end in flex / flash, you are still going to be much faster than the php route and a MUCH better end product that's light on the server.

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