On the *2nd* page request you can check for your cookie in
$HTTP_COOKIE_VARS. If it is not there, cookies are disabled in the browser.

Here's a kludge to make your "first" page the 2nd page request: just start
your session on index, then META redirect to the next page; this 2nd page is
where you actually output HTML to the browser, and also check for the

function check_cookies() {
    global $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS;
        // redirect to the cookie error page;


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> From: Jeff Gannaway [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]

> Subject: [PHP] Must Have Cookies. PHP/JavaScript

> The same page MUST identifier whether the cookie was accepted 
> or not.  I've
> seen sites like NetFlix.com that will test to see if their cookie was
> accepted, and if not, print up a page that says "Sorry, 
> you've got have
> your Cookies on or go somewhere else."
> Does anyone know how to do this with PHP, Java, or JavaScript? 

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