thanks for the pointers on xsl. i'll take a look.

On 5/26/09 6:05 PM, "Nathan Rixham" <> wrote:

>> it seems you're saying that there would be some kind of an intermediate
>> level of data representation that a script can be invoked to produce from
>> which different templates can produce different outputs.
>> but i can't see any difficulty in achieving similar modularity and reuse
>> with available push template schemes and appropriate division of code among
>> include files. one includable script generates the intermediate view while
>> others use various templates to use it in output.
>> so i think i'm missing something in your definition of pull.
> yup, the modularity can be easily achieved using push, but with push you
> have to effectively send everything that can be needed to the template
> engine, then the template can either show all of it, some of it or whatever.
> but with this method of pull, the template would be pre-parsed to see
> what was required, then the app would generate and provide only what was
> needed for that specific template. Thus saving you generating a load of
> unneeded data "incase" the template might want to use it.
> clear? if not just say.

it seems that you want to put certain parameters that configure the
generation of the data that's to go into the output into the actual template
files. if those parameters could instead be located in a php file somewhere
then push would work as well. right?

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