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>     I was afraid I would get this kind of reaction, but it is not what I
>     want or need.
>     As I mentioned, all these shopping carts are overbloated for the
>     kind of
>     application I am creating.
>     I do not need all the heavy baggage that come with them. I have looked
>     at them, played with them some years back even and never liked them.
>     What I am looking for is something simple that can be used on one page
>     and that, at the most will give me a final page summarizing the
>     choices
>     that have been made in several other pages and then totaling and
>     sending
>     the results to the client. No shopping cart, no frills, no chills,
>     just
>     a confirmation of the order.
>     Let's not forget that a b2b client has no time for all the pretty lace
>     and candy wrap. He/She makes a quick choice, clicks on
>     submit/do-it/or/confirm button and goes back to whipping his crew (in
>     the kitchen, I suppose). I rather suspect that I will have to drum
>     this
>     little thing up by myself.
>     To explain the procedure for client:
>     1. Click on navigation choice among categories
>     2. Pages loaded from db (may be several for each category)
>     3. Select quantity from input boxes (box is either empty or has number
>     entered - this is stored somewhere)
>     4. Do the same for other pages...
>     5. When finished, click the finish/submit or whatever button. Go
>     back to
>     work.
>     6. Back-end tallies the selections adds them enters choices in db and
>     send confirmation to client and to company to  fill order.
>     7. Post-back-end is up to the company to fill and deliver. Payment is
>     taken care of by company processing credit card and then
>     delivering goodies.
>     That's about as simple as it can get. No shipping complications, no
>     credit complications. Just click and go.
>     All the unnecessary overhead is eliminated by first time registration
>     and credit check with confirmed username and password. Otherwise,
>     baby,
>     you don't get nothing from this site. Public access and frills are not
>     on the product pages unless we ever go that way in the future.
>     Believe me, it works... we've done it before and were years ahead of
>     everybody...until 9/11... blew us off because they blew away some
>     of our
>     clients and their clients as we... and then we had someone fresh meat
>     nerds coding and they rather stumbled over their own heels in the
>     programming, but that's another story.
>     Thanks, anyway.
>     Bastien Koert wrote:
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>     >
>     > On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 11:52 AM, PJ <
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>     >
>     >     I am setting up a b2b product site where food professionals
>     can order
>     >     unique regional products. For this I have to implement a
>     simple series
>     >     of pages that display the products and prices. Using
>     php/mysql/css I
>     >     load the products, prices etc. with ease.
>     >     I have no use for any shopping carts as that is always
>     encumbered by
>     >     huge overhead.
>     >     I am wondering what might be the best way to incorporate inputs
>     >     that can
>     >     be dynamically loaded and then calculated and submitted for
>     email
>     >     confirmation to client? Perhpas there is some sort of script
>     out there
>     >     in freebieLand?
>     >     I'd appreciate any suggestions, pointers ----> or examples.
>     >     TIA, Phil
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> PJ, don't get on your high horse...
you should see my horse - I'll send you a small gif ;-)
> the first post had very little detail as to what you really wanted,
> which you explained much better in the second post. Its the question
> that is as important, if not more so than the answer.
Point well taken.
> I too have coded similar sites and carts, but I found it easier to
> code my own...its older code now and not something that would stand
> well to the test of time.
> If I were to do this again, I would implement an ajax scheme to load
> the cart, have a view/edit cart page, a cc processing page and a
> confirmation of payment / email confirmation page.
Now we're getting somewhere. 
I think it's a little simpler yet. We take care of the payment here
manually, since we don't accept any other method than cc and we don't
deliver (it's basically by van or bus or something else); were we to do
it over the internet, we have a system you can't beat.
So, all I need is to be able to gather the inputs of the client, store &
do a little addition/multiplication and send 2 e-mails - 1 to client - 1
to our office.
That's why I'm looking for something that perhaps exists in some script
repository - don't know what it would be called. At least, I have the
impression that shopping cart is a concept that involves all sorts of
popups, displays and god-knows-what.
The weird thing is, I have a complete setup stored here but it's a
little complicated to unravel it. It was originally made with php &
mysql (limited CSS), then switched & redone to postgresql and now it is
on my FreeBSD 4.10 machine where I can run it and it works with a few
limitations. One of the problems is that the psql is 4.3, I think and
the postgres is 7.3 (I think). I'm not sure, but I think some of the
problems are that even in the present version there are some
compatibility issues with some upgrades that I did some (many) years
ago. It really was, is, a very complete system and could be set up
again. I am just not the person to do it. The administration was pretty
fantastic - we could update the site remotely with products, different
exchanges (francs, dollars, etc.), conversions, users, sessions,
different levels of access and even a system of reporting access - who,
when, what, where, etc. I've looked at it and I see that it needs maybe
not too much to fix it - can't add suppliers (that may be a
compatibility issue). Someone did look at the original and told me the
code was not well documented and somewhat of a mess ( I think he was
being kind). And I see that the coding for postgress looks very, very
Anyway, if you or anyone else ( trustworthy) is interested in playing
with it, by all means, let me know and I can either get you a copy of
things or you can access the server and take a look at it. I sure wish I
could get it running like it was, but, life is life. "inch al lol"

Hervé Kempf: "Pour sauver la planète, sortez du capitalisme."
Phil Jourdan ---

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