Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> I was afraid I would get this kind of reaction, but it is not what I
>> want or need.
>> As I mentioned, all these shopping carts are overbloated for the kind of
>> application I am creating.
>> I do not need all the heavy baggage that come with them. I have looked
>> at them, played with them some years back even and never liked them.
>> What I am looking for is something simple that can be used on one page
>> and that, at the most will give me a final page summarizing the choices
>> that have been made in several other pages and then totaling and sending
>> the results to the client. No shopping cart, no frills, no chills, just
>> a confirmation of the order.
>> Let's not forget that a b2b client has no time for all the pretty lace
>> and candy wrap. He/She makes a quick choice, clicks on
>> submit/do-it/or/confirm button and goes back to whipping his crew (in
>> the kitchen, I suppose). I rather suspect that I will have to drum this
>> little thing up by myself.
>> To explain the procedure for client:
>> 1. Click on navigation choice among categories
>> 2. Pages loaded from db (may be several for each category)
>> 3. Select quantity from input boxes (box is either empty or has number
>> entered - this is stored somewhere)
>> 4. Do the same for other pages...
>> 5. When finished, click the finish/submit or whatever button. Go back to
>> work.
>> 6. Back-end tallies the selections adds them enters choices in db and
>> send confirmation to client and to company to  fill order.
>> 7. Post-back-end is up to the company to fill and deliver. Payment is
>> taken care of by company processing credit card and then delivering goodies.
>> That's about as simple as it can get. No shipping complications, no
>> credit complications. Just click and go.
>> All the unnecessary overhead is eliminated by first time registration
>> and credit check with confirmed username and password. Otherwise, baby,
>> you don't get nothing from this site. Public access and frills are not
>> on the product pages unless we ever go that way in the future.
>> Believe me, it works... we've done it before and were years ahead of
>> everybody...until 9/11... blew us off because they blew away some of our
>> clients and their clients as we... and then we had someone fresh meat
>> nerds coding and they rather stumbled over their own heels in the
>> programming, but that's another story.
>> Thanks, anyway.
>> Bastien Koert wrote:
>>> On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 11:52 AM, PJ <
>>> <>> wrote:
>>>     I am setting up a b2b product site where food professionals can order
>>>     unique regional products. For this I have to implement a simple series
>>>     of pages that display the products and prices. Using php/mysql/css I
>>>     load the products, prices etc. with ease.
>>>     I have no use for any shopping carts as that is always encumbered by
>>>     huge overhead.
>>>     I am wondering what might be the best way to incorporate inputs
>>>     that can
>>>     be dynamically loaded and then calculated and submitted for email
>>>     confirmation to client? Perhpas there is some sort of script out there
>>>     in freebieLand?
>>>     I'd appreciate any suggestions, pointers ----> or examples.
>>>     TIA, Phil
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>>> Get one of the big ones like osCommerce... why redo all the heavy lifting?
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>>> Bastien
>>> Cat, the other other white meat
> Since this is a system where people won't actually pay you, and you
> aren't fulfilling the orders, it should be fairly simple.  The carts
> that I have seen are normally more bloated as you have stated, though
> there are some that are just a "cart" where you select products. These
> normally include the shipping, tax, and then payment logic for
> paypal/google, etc. though.  I haven't used any, but this looked cool:
> but it's $30.  And here is the first
> tutorial I found on a search:
> Based on many of your other posts, you've already done everything that
> is needed here with the possible exception of the email.  Here is the
> basics of the user interface, however you need to think about the admin
> interface to add products, etc.
> 1. login user/start session
> 2. query db for categories and list them
> 3. when user clicks on a category, query db and list all products in
> that category
> 4. each product has a text field where the name is the product id and
> the value is the quantity that is entered by the user
> 5. when the user clicks submit, you add the post vars to the session and
> either go to the next page where you repeat this, or go to the
> confirmation page
> 6. echo out these session vars as the order summary page
> 7. when the user clicks submit, insert the values into the db and send
> your email
> Instead of 4 and 5 you can use ajax or a link to another script to add
> the product to the cart (cart.php?id=112233).
That's what I had in mind. I have to figure out some of the stuff, just
how it works and how to make it work. And I will look at your
suggestion. Much appreciated.
 BTW, I just posted a rather verbose listing about what I am thinking,
you might want to look at it.

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