I suggest you use firebug

coming back to your case..
1. use the inspect function of firebug to check if the <img src=".."> is
displaying correctly.
2  then use the net tab of firebug to see if the image is actually
downloaded from the server.
3. open the link in new tab to see image is actually displayed.

if you are struck at case 1: some problem in the echo statement of your main
case 2: firebug actually tells you what is the mistake you did
case 3: i suggest one more firefox addon: live http headers
see if the content-type and content-length header are being sent

This page isn't working and if I try to browse this page it wants to open it
with an editor, it won't view in the browser.

i assume that the address in the URL bar of your browser starts with file://
rather than http:// ? simply put are you double clicking the file or
clicking open with firefox ?

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