Well I have tried Numerous scripts and ways and still can't get the image to 

I have echoed the file and have been able to get the gibberish image code to 
display but not a real image, here is my full code if anyone wants to have a 
look, I am going crossed eyed here.

These are just a few of the ways I have been trying to get the img tag to work 
on my output.php page:

       <tr>            <td>Scout Photo:</td>              <td>              <a 
href="image.php?filename=<?php echo$row['photoName']; ?>"><?php 
echo$row['photoName']; ?></A><br>                            <?php echo 
"\n<br>Scout Photo : "."<img src=\image.php?filename=" .$row['photoName']. 
"\">"; ?>                                          <?php echo "<img 
src=\"image.php?filename=".$row['photoName']."\">\n"; ?>                        
    <?php echo "<img src=\"image.php?id=".$row['ePID']."\">\n"; ?>              
              <img src="image2.php?filename=<?php echo $row['photoName']; ?>">

Here is one way I was trying to get to work for the image.php page where the 
headers are supposed to work and don't


//if (isset($_FILES['ePhoto'])){$ePhoto = $_FILES['ePhoto'];} else {$ePhoto 

$filename = $_GET['$filename'];

$image = stripslashes($_REQUEST[photoName]);

$sql = "SELECT ePhoto, photoName, photoType from eagleProjects WHERE photoName 
= $filename";
$data = mysql_fetch_array ($result);

$type = $data['photoType'];
$name = $data['photoName'];

  header("Content-type: $type");
  header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$name");

echo $data["photoName"];
echo $data["ePhoto"];


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