Right I've read the manual on this and all that so hopefully you find people
can help.
I have an abstract class with three children. The abstract is ForumObject
and the three children are Thread, Category and Post and each have their own
table so I wrote the following:
abstract class ForumObject
  static private $table;

  static function getObjectIds ($field, $value)
  $query = "SELECT id FROM {self::$table} WHERE $field = '$value'";
  $object_ids = mysql_fetch_array();
  return $object_ids;

class Category extends ForumObject
  static private $table = "categories";
That's just got the important bits for the sake of your eyes but basically
the problem I'm having is calling
Category::getObjectIds ($whatever, $whatever2);
Seems to think that it's referring to ForumObject::$table rather than
I looked into it and there seems to be something you can do with
get_called_class() but unfortunately I'm stuck with 5.2.9 at the moment and
that is new to 5.3.
Any ideas? Perhaps there is a different way I could implement the classes -
I would rather not have getObjectIds repeated three times!
Thanks in advance,
Luke Slater

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