From: PJ
> I'd like to get some input on how to deal with recipes.
> use html pages to store and display, XML or db or... ? And what about
> clips, like flvs ? TIA.

There are as many ways to do cookbooks as there are cooks. I am familiar
with half a dozen, without counting the professional packages put out by
another department here where I work.

RecipeML is one option, but it is seriously incomplete if you need to
include nutritional information.

Qookbooks, Gormet (Gnome), Krecipes (KDE) MealMaster, Master Cook,
Recipants, etc. all have different storage formats and display formats.
Some are well documented, some are buried in the code, and some are
still kept secret. You can take your pick, or combine them and roll your

A bigger issue is how to import existing recipe files. I have several
years of messages collected from newsgroups like,, r.f.baking, etc. that I would like to put into a usable,
and searchable format. But there are too many variations in the formats
and naming conventions used to be able to write a single routine to
handle them all. It is much easier just to use those already published
in MealMaster formats. At least that one is documented clearly now that
they are out of business.

Bob McConnell

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