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> Bob McConnell wrote:
>> From: PJ
>>> I'd like to get some input on how to deal with recipes.
>>> use html pages to store and display, XML or db or... ? And what
>>> clips, like flvs ? TIA.
>> There are as many ways to do cookbooks as there are cooks. I am
>> with half a dozen, without counting the professional packages put out
>> another department here where I work.
>> RecipeML is one option, but it is seriously incomplete if you need to
>> include nutritional information.
>> Qookbooks, Gormet (Gnome), Krecipes (KDE) MealMaster, Master Cook,
>> Recipants, etc. all have different storage formats and display
>> Some are well documented, some are buried in the code, and some are
>> still kept secret. You can take your pick, or combine them and roll
>> own.
>> A bigger issue is how to import existing recipe files. I have several
>> years of messages collected from newsgroups like,
>>, r.f.baking, etc. that I would like to put into a usable,
>> and searchable format. But there are too many variations in the
>> and naming conventions used to be able to write a single routine to
>> handle them all. It is much easier just to use those already
>> in MealMaster formats. At least that one is documented clearly now
>> they are out of business.
>> Bob McConnell
> Thank you gentlemen. Basically, that's what I figured. But this does
> give me some more stuff to mull over. The only thing I'm really
> wondering is if it's worth doing anything with XML.
> I do have a number of recipes already in HTML; probably will try to
> re-use them and modify/or adapt with CSS.
> Thanks, again.

A lot depends on what you are actually going to do with them. If you
need output in several different forms, then XML/XSLT might be the best
way to go. But, I have seen an automated translation of the RecipeML DTD
into an SQL schema, and it was not pretty. Unless you are very familiar
with XML, or just want some practice, I wouldn't go there.

I have been looking at this idea for some time, and have pretty much
decided on a Postgres server for the back end with a custom schema.
There are several features I want that are not all available in any of
the consumer grade packages I have seen; like a web based front end,
exclusion of specific ingredients due to allergies and being able to
attach dated notes about alterations or substitutions I try each time I
prepare a recipe. I just need to sit down with my collected notes and a
few days to patch it together. But lately I have been spending most of
my time with our grandchildren instead of the computer.

Good luck,

Bob McConnell

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