I'm confused as to why cron doesn't work for you.  It doesn't explicitly
tell you when the next X occurences will be, but math does.  If you
schedule something to run every 5 minutes starting at 1:45 PM, it's
simple work to be able to report that the next times would be 1:50 PM,
1:55 PM, 2:00 PM etc.

Is this running in a web browser, somehow?  If not, PHP is not the


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Got a need to be able to allow a user to specify the frequency to run
certain apps/processes.. I need to be able to have the user specify a
start Time, as well as a periodic frequency (once, hourly, daily,
weekly...) as well as allow the user to specify every XX minutes...

So i basically need to be able to determine when the future
events/occurances are, based on the user input.

I've searched the net for alogorithms dealing with scheduling and
haven't come up with any php based solutions.. I've also looked at
numerical recipes and some other sources (freshmeat/sourceforge/etc..)
with no luck..

I have found an approach in another language that I could port to php..
But before I code/recreate this, I figured I'd see if anyone here has
pointers or suggestions...

Cron doesn't work for me, as it can run a process at a given time.. but
it doesn't tell me when the next 'X' occurance would be...



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