bruce wrote:
> Hi..
> Got a need to be able to allow a user to specify the frequency to run
> certain apps/processes.. I need to be able to have the user specify a start
> Time, as well as a periodic frequency (once, hourly, daily, weekly...) as
> well as allow the user to specify every XX minutes...
> So i basically need to be able to determine when the future
> events/occurances are, based on the user input.
> I've searched the net for alogorithms dealing with scheduling and haven't
> come up with any php based solutions.. I've also looked at numerical recipes
> and some other sources (freshmeat/sourceforge/etc..) with no luck..
> I have found an approach in another language that I could port to php.. But
> before I code/recreate this, I figured I'd see if anyone here has pointers
> or suggestions...
> Cron doesn't work for me, as it can run a process at a given time.. but it
> doesn't tell me when the next 'X' occurance would be...
> Thoughts/Comments..
> Thanks

This is confusing.  When and where do you need to "be able to determine
when the future events/occurances are"?  You need to display this after
the user schedules the app/process or an admin needs to login and see
this at any given time?

Regardless it is easy with the PHP time/date functions.  Once you've
collected and stored the start/stop times and interval, something
similar to:

$interval = "1 week";

$next = $start_time;
while ($next <= $end_time) {
        $next = strtotime("+$interval", $next);
        echo date(DATE_RFC822, $next) ."\n";


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