I would like to know how I can instantiate the types that I get via the __getTypes() function or know if this is even possible. I am asking because I have a webservice in which all functions expect an specific object to be passed to them, rather than a list of arguments. And I am hoping that I do not have to code all those objects into my PHP Code, but rather instantiate them kinda from the wsdl!

Here is what I have:

$map = array('Credentials' => 'Credentials', 'GetSourceTextRequest' => 'GetSourceTextRequest'); $ws = new SoapClient('', array('classmap' => $map));

    $test = new GetSourceTextRequest();

It does not work this way however, I do get a class not found failure. How can I instantiate an object from SOAP?

__getTypes() gives me something like this:

struct Credentials {
 string Password;
 string Username;

Any hints would be appreciated!


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