Am 01.06.2009 20:05 Uhr, schrieb Shawn McKenzie:
Shawn McKenzie wrote:
Samuel Vogel wrote:

I would like to know how I can instantiate the types that I get via the
__getTypes() function or know if this is even possible.
I am asking because I have a webservice in which all functions expect an
specific object to be passed to them, rather than a list of arguments.
And I am hoping that I do not have to code all those objects into my PHP
Code, but rather instantiate them kinda from the wsdl!

Here is what I have:

     $map = array('Credentials' =>  'Credentials', 'GetSourceTextRequest'
=>  'GetSourceTextRequest');
     $ws = new SoapClient('',
array('classmap' =>  $map));

     $test = new GetSourceTextRequest();

It does not work this way however, I do get a class not found failure.
How can I instantiate an object from SOAP?

__getTypes() gives me something like this:

struct Credentials {
  string Password;
  string Username;

Any hints would be appreciated!


You are mapping SOAP types to PHP classes, so you need to define the PHP
class first:

class Credentials {
        public $Password
        public $Username

$map = array('Credentials' =>  'Credentials', 'GetSourceTextRequest' =>

$ws = new SoapClient('',
array('classmap' =>  $map));

$test = new Credentials();

Doh!  I just reread your post and see that you don't want to define all
the classes.  That would be the best way to go.  If not, most likely
you'll have to parse the xml and build the classes and eval() or look
for something already made, like:

So a direct instantiation is not possible?
Is there nothing like

    $test = new $ws->Credentials();

or something?


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