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> Hi
> Anyone know whats the best way to learn PHP? Every time I open an php
> book or look the codes online, my mind goes "oh man, So many stuffs
> to learn and gets frustrated before i even start" but on the other
> hand, I don't know why some how the brain keep on nagging me to learn
> PHP. I guess what's the fun way to learn php? Any good books?

Do you already code?
If so, just download something you are interested in, maybe WordPress
if you blog, with some plugins as those are most likely easier to read,
and look at the programs and try figuring out why things are working
they way they work.
I can't really remember how I started but I believe it was with
Postnuke a long time ago. I looked at the code, try to help fix bugs.

The best way to learn any language, computer or natural, is not by
sitting down and reading books, it's by actually programming/speaking
the language.

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