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> Anyone know whats the best way to learn PHP? Every time I open an php book
> or look the codes online, my mind goes "oh man, So many stuffs to learn and
> gets frustrated before i even start" but on the other hand, I don't know why
> some how the brain keep on nagging me to learn PHP. I guess what's the fun
> way to learn php? Any good books?

i've often tried to learn a language from a book and always failed. clearly
this works for some folk, never has for me.

i find the initial ramp of the learning curve very hard to take. it's
daunting. but that's always true and anything really worth your time is
going to be difficult.

after doing hello world, think of a simple project of your own to tinker
with as you learn.

that's the generalities. as for php, if you already know a few programming
languages, i think the the manual's chapter called "language reference" is
not a bad place to start. lots of examples. systematic one language feature
at a time. skip stuff that really makes no sense, you can lear those bits
later. you'll forget most of it but you'll know where to find it when you
need it. try things out in your sample project.

once you're programming and getting stuff done, reading other people's code
is great. there's lots available (e.g. in pear). but don't assume it's all a
model for what you should do, it's just examples of what can be done --
good, bad and indifferent.

good luck

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